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Convert Your Garage or Patio To Living Space

Are you and your family outgrowing your home? It’s a common problem. Sometimes additions to the family—new babies, new pets—lead to the need for more space. Other times it’s simply that your young ones are growing up, and teenagers take up more space than toddlers do. It could even be that you’ve accumulated enough possessions over the years that you need more room to store them. Whatever the case, a garage conversion or patio enclosure might be the right solution for you.

Many Denver homes come with large garages, and you may have already thought that it’s a large, unused space that could easily become an addition to your home. But you need to be careful and thoughtful before embarking on this project. There’s more to a garage conversion Denver homeowners will be satisfied with than simply adding lighting and flooring. A little help from a professional will go a long way.


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Consider the following for your garage to living space conversion:

How Will You Fill The Space Where The Garage Door Is?

This is an important consideration because your new living space will be essentially missing a wall. You can fill in the hole to match the exterior of the house, like we did in the adjacent photo. You can also put in a patio door or a large window in that space. Either way we can make the finished product look like it was original to the home.

External door to converted patio in Denver
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What About Heating & Cooling?

Have you budgeted for heating and cooling? Remember that your garage currently does not have any climate control. We will address this part of the project with you and will bring in expert HVAC companies as required to meet your needs. 

Do You Need Plumbing ?

If you’re considering adding a bathroom, kitchen, wet bar, or any other plumbed space, you need to take this into consideration. Plumbing is often the most expensive part of garage conversion.

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Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry. We’re the experts when it comes to Garage Conversion & Patio Enclosures for Denver Homes and we’re here to help you unravel the complicated problems that can come along with this process.
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