8 Great Ways to Introduce Natural Light into Your Home and Maintain Privacy

Natural light is the best way to light your home because it’s free. We all love to see the power bill drop, so let’s talk about some home improvement steps you can take to add natural lighting, maintain privacy, and make your home more efficient. We believe these eight ideas will spark some interest in the way you light your home.

1. Tubular Daylighting Devices: Also called TDDs, these devices are similar to a skylight. They’re cylindrical tubes that are installed between the roof and ceiling. The top is a clear plastic dome while the bottom is diffused to prevent harsh sunlight and add a nice glow instead.

2. Skylights: Skylights are larger than TDDs and may be installed in nearly any room. They’re a wonderful way to add natural light to the kitchen or bathroom specifically. A skylight in the bathroom allows you to add plenty of natural light without sacrificing privacy.

3. Double up on Windows: Install small windows called top lights above your existing windows and doors. These small windows are too high to compromise privacy, and the perfect spot to increase natural light. A nice windowed surround for your primary entry door is also a lovely idea. Order a glass surround or top lights with block glass, smoky glass, or stained glass for a more decorative effect.

4. Replace Solid Doors with Glass: Solid doors that lead from room to room in your home block all types of light. Replace doors that lead to public areas of your home with nice French doors or some other type of glass door.

5. Widen Doorways: Widen the doorways that lead from the dining room to the kitchen, or kitchen to the living areas. Alternatively, you can remove non-load-bearing walls to improve the flow of natural lighting throughout the home. Give us a call for a consultation if you’re interested in removing walls and we’ll get the ball rolling.

6. Replace Small Windows with Large Windows: Give your home a facelift by removing all small windows and replacing them with larger, nicer, newer, more efficient windows. Consider smoky glass, glass blocks, or stained glass for a more decorative effect and to increase privacy to certain areas.

7. Hang Mirrors: Mirrors reflect light from area to area in the home. Add a few mirrors in otherwise dark areas and enjoy the natural light it brings.

8. Use Decorative Glass Windows: We’ve mentioned this idea a couple of times already because decorative glass windows allow you to introduce natural lighting while maintaining privacy. Smoky glass, glass blocks, and other decorative glass options allow you to forego window treatments such as blinds or curtains as well.


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