Ideas For Remodeling Your Kitchen
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Remodeling your kitchen can be very exciting and very frustrating. The idea that your entire kitchen will be out of commission for the duration of the project is often almost an overwhelming feeling of loss.

We’re homeowners, too; we understand. We work diligently to complete your kitchen remodeling project in a timely manner so you can get back to normal in your new kitchen very quickly. Here are ideas for remodeling your Denver area kitchen.

Denver Home Remodel Tudor Craftsman Kitchen Remodel
Denver Home Remodel Tudor Craftsman Kitchen Remodel

1. Small Kitchens are Beautiful: Your kitchen doesn’t have to be huge to be fully functional and easy to clean. Many homeowners are making the decision to reduce the size of the kitchen in order to increase the size of the living room or add a bathroom beside the kitchen.

2. Odd Angles? That’s okay; Work with them: The kitchen doesn’t have to be the perfect L-shaped or U-shaped room in order to be considered a normal kitchen. Set the range or the refrigerator at the odd angle and enjoy your unusual room.

Denver Home Remodel Tudor Craftsman Kitchen Remodel
Denver Home Remodel Tudor Craftsman Kitchen Remodel

3. Pull Inspiration from Art: Do you love painted ceilings and colorful artwork? Implement it into your kitchen design. Paint the walls and ceiling your favorite design or hire someone to paint a mural. Get creative with your kitchen simply because you can.

Denver cherry creek colonial kitchen remodel custom stove hood
Denver cherry creek colonial kitchen remodel

4. Combine Textures: Textures add so much character and visual appeal to any room. Consider using salvaged wood, exposed beams on the ceiling, stainless steel appliances, and a nice tile backsplash. Finish the room with a butcher block countertop and bronze pendulum lighting.

5. Bold Colors: Like textures, colors add a lot of character, visual appeal, and vibrancy to a room. Take color to the next level and paint the floor an interesting complementary color that works well with all other areas of the room. Paint the kitchen cabinets bright white simply because white is an easy color to work with and it’s one of the most stable trends in kitchen design.

Denver cherry creek colonial kitchen remodel
Denver cherry creek colonial kitchen remodel

6. Choose a Theme: Do you constantly find yourself daydreaming about that European vacation you took years ago, or wishing you could be on an island somewhere with crystal blue waters and lovely sandy beaches? Create a themed kitchen to take you back to those places. Use colors and textures that put your feelings of nostalgia to the test.

7. White: We briefly touched on white earlier, but we do believe it needs more mention. Classic white is still one of the best colors for the kitchen. White cabinetry with metal or custom hardware, white floating shelves with lovely decorative dishes, and even white walls with a nice colorful backsplash – all works together to create an amazing kitchen.

Denver cherry creek colonial kitchen remodel
Denver Cherry Creek Colonial Kitchen Remodel

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