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Our vast experience will ensure that your project is handled expertly, expediently, and with attention to detail.

Starwood Renovation is built on a firm foundation of master carpentry. Michael, the owner and operator, brings years of experience in the fields of building homes, crafting furniture, and working on remodel projects to the table. That’s why, for a home remodel, Denver knows they can turn to Michael and to Starwood Renovation.

Small Bathroom Remodel Denver Tudor Home

When you work with Starwood Renovation, you can feel confident that your ideas will be heard.

Michael is more than a master carpenter—he is a father as well. As a family man, he understands and appreciates how important it is that your home be well suited to the unique needs of your family. Expertise doesn’t always mean knowing best. When you work with Starwood Renovation, you can feel confident that your ideas will be heard, and Michael will do everything possible to help bring them to fruition. We want you to feel like this remodel is yours!

Starwood Renovation is here to help with any project you have in mind to help beautify or improve your house! We can help you make improvements in every single room, on every single floor, so that by the time we’re finished working together you’ll feel as if you’re living in a brand new home.

So go through your house, or let us go through it with you. We know you’ve got those little areas you’ve been thinking about improving. Let us know where they are, or let us help you find things we could take to the next level. Either way, we know you’ll fall in love with the greatest home remodel Denver has to offer!


Before you select a home remodel company you want to be absolutely sure you’re making the right choice. It would be awful to get halfway through the project only to discover that you weren’t compatible with the team you were working with. That’s why knowledge and experience aren’t enough. Yes, you want a talented home remodel expert who brings years of experience to the table, but you also want someone you can trust. Our company values position us as the ideal candidate to work with you as you take your home remodel to the next level. We’ve build our company on our beliefs in:


We will be upfront with you throughout the whole remodel process.


We work hard to gain your trust as a customer and will not let you down.


We pride ourselves on the quality of work we provide our customers at every job.


We work with you to make the remodel process pleasant for you and for us!


Part of our process is getting to know our clients. Knowing you allows us to better create the home of your dreams, so we want to connect with you on a personal level. And when that leads to clients reaching back out to us to thank us, we couldn’t be more honored! We love hearing that you’re pleased with the work we did and that we were able to create happiness for you in your home.


If you’re considering working with Starwood Renovation, take a moment to read some of the things our previous clients have had to say. Their satisfaction with the work they’ve had done may help you to make your decision.

Michael does a great job; very attention to detail oriented; excellent quality work and wonderful follow up. I would highly recommend hiring Starwood Renovation if you need anything done around your home.
Michael does incredible work. He asks the right questions and comes up with creative solutions for unique problems . He is very professional, trustworthy, and meticulous. I would hire him ten times over.
If you are looking to remodel, I recommend Starwood. Michael was responsive to all my questions and had several suggestions to make some parts of the remodel more functional. I really do love my new kitchen!.


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