Kitchen Island Designs for Remodel
Denver cherry creek colonial kitchen remodel

Kitchen islands can come in a variety of shapes and sizes while also serving a lot of different functions. There are many questions to answer before deciding on the final design of the kitchen island for your remodel project. How will the space be used? Will it be a space for preparing meals, or casual dining? Do you want to include room for a work space? How much room do you have to work with?

Once you know the answers to those questions, then it’s time to have fun with some design ideas. In addition to having a space for cooking and sitting, most homeowners also appreciate a kitchen island design that includes storage drawers and cabinets. Decide if this is something that appeals to you and where they might have a spot in your kitchen island.



In terms of how your kitchen island will look, it is best to go with the overall theme of the kitchen. Is your space modern with stainless steel appliances and dark surfaces? Then your kitchen island should mirror that style with a contemporary countertop, like slate, and accompanying stools in a dark wood or cool aluminum.

On the other hand, serious chefs might want a completely stainless steel countertop for their kitchen island to allow for plenty of durable room for food preparation.

Sunny kitchens can definitely benefit from a kitchen island that includes a white or antique wash finish.



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