Why Should You Work with a Master Carpenter

Why Should You Work with a Master Carpenter to Design Truly Custom Living Spaces?

The short, simple answer to that question is – custom home remodel. Michael, our master carpenter, will work with you to create custom furniture for any room in your home. We understand the desire to customize your home and create a space where you feel truly comfortable. Michael is very well known in the Denver metro area and has built his reputation on providing high quality workmanship. Here are a few of the ways we can help you customize your home.

Outdoor Living Spaces:

Design the perfect deck, patio, shed, living space, or privacy fence. We will help create something that works well with your home’s architectural design and fits your individual lifestyle. Not every deck meets the specific needs of the homeowner, and that is our goal.

Denver Kitchen Remodel Cherry Creek Traditional
Denver Kitchen Remodel Cherry Creek Traditional

Kitchen Remodeling:

Create a kitchen that caters to your cooking style. Everyone uses the kitchen and cooks differently. Yes, we may all use the refrigerator, range, sink, and dishwasher, but we all go about our daily routine slightly differently. We believe that your time spent in the kitchen should be effortless.

Bathroom Remodeling:

Build a bathroom that really helps you relax. You shouldn’t feel cramped or stressed out for any reason in your bathroom, especially the master bath. Let us show you how we can design your new bathroom, in the existing space if necessary, to create a sense of relaxation.

Whole Home Remodeling:

Sometimes we find that perfect home for the perfect price, but it has a not-so-perfect layout. As homeowners ourselves, we remember the home buying process. Searching for that perfect house and finding nearly-perfect is very frustrating. But when you find a nearly perfect home that just needs a little remodeling work, let us show you how we can maximize the flow and the floor plan of the existing space.

Denver Whole House Remodel dining room
Denver Whole House Remodel – Dining Room – Custom Trim

Custom Woodwork:

Custom items like built-in shelving, hidden storage, media centers, and furniture help add a flare of individuality to your home. We believe that any home, whether it’s a new purchase or your existing home, can benefit from custom woodwork.

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