Personalize Your Home with Custom Woodwork

A Truly Unique Appeal

Every homeowner wants a truly unique home, instead of the mass production homes that have been referred to as cookie cutter homes because they’re all so very similar. The best way to customize your home and make it unique is to add custom woodwork like built-ins, storage units, media centers and custom made furniture. All of these features will not only make the home unique, they will also add a warm and luxurious feel as well. Today we want to talk about some of the custom woodwork Michael has provided to Denver area homeowners in previous years.

Built-in Furniture

A custom built-in cabinet can be used in a living room, dining room, office, or large bedroom. The best part about a built-in cabinet or seating area is that it is designed to fit the space and there are no spaces or gaps. The built-in cabinet can be customized to meet the needs of the homeowner and can include drawers and shelves with or without doors. Two of the reasons that we recommend this type of built-in cabinet are they are an easy way to display items and it becomes the main focal point of the room.

A Custom-built Mudroom Storage Unit in Denver Colorado

Built-in Storage

Built-in storage units are amazing, because they can be designed to hide the clutter on the inside, while looking like a display piece on the outside. The inside can be made with shelves or cubbies for superior organization and the doors on the front will hide everything from view. This will ensure that your belongings are properly stored without looking cluttered.

Custom closet in Denver

Built-in Media Centers

A built-in media center is wonderful in a living room, family room, or media room. The media center can be where the television, music equipment, books and much more can be stored. We always recommend customizing the media center for the homeowner, because everyone’s needs are different. These built-ins can be made for any size television and the wires from all of the equipment can be easily hidden from view.

Custom Built In Entertainment Center - Painted Wood - Denver Colorado

Custom Furnishings

Everyone wants to have at least one piece of furniture that no one else has and having it custom made is the perfect way to accomplish this. Dining room tables, desks and buffets are usually the most sought after custom furniture, but actually the possibilities are endless.

While built-ins can add value to any home, they should mainly be done to add special qualities to a home. Any home that has special and unique qualities will always be appreciated more when it is placed on the market for sale.

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