Whole House Remodeling: 15 Ways to Increase the Functionality of Your Home
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Whole House Remodeling: 15 Ways to Increase the Functionality of Your Home

Whole House Remodeling: 15 Ways to Increase the Functionality of Your Home

Every room in your home provides a function of some type. The living room is where most of us enjoy our family time. The kitchen is where we cook, eat, and spend time entertaining people. The bathroom serves several purposes including personal hygiene. You get the idea. Sometimes we just need a change of pace or to remodel something to increase the appearance and functionality of our homes. Some homebuyers even purchase an older home or a home that they intend to remodel simply because it’s cheaper than building a new home and without the hassle of finding the perfect property. So let’s look at 15 ways to increase the functionality of your home.

  1. New Kitchen Appliances – New appliances will improve the overall flow and functionality of your kitchen. Today’s technological breakthroughs in appliances allow us to set specific parameters such as temperatures and delayed start times for the dishwasher.
  2. New Kitchen Faucet – Splurge and get that amazing faucet you saw online. It doesn’t hurt at all to pamper yourself occasionally with a nice gift.
  3. Add a Pot Filler – A pot filler is a small water faucet installed near the stovetop so you can easily add water to whatever you’re cooking as needed.
  4. Add Kitchen Lighting – Task lighting, under-cabinet lighting, and over-cabinet lighting are extremely important to the kitchen’s overall functionality.
  5. Add Kitchen Storage – Toe-kick drawers, narrow spice racks tucked away beside the refrigerator, vertical storage areas, and magnetic strips for knives help organize the kitchen and improve storage.
  6. Build a Butler’s Pantry – The butler’s pantry was once an area where the butler could ensure that every dish was perfect before it was taken into the dining room to serve homeowner. Today’s butler’s pantry is a magical place where the dirty work can be done while the kitchen remains clean and tidy.
  7. New Toilet – Save water and update your toilet at the same time.
  8. New Bathroom Furniture – Go for an updated sink, vanity, faucets, and fixtures. Try open shelving or other decorative options.
  9. Add Bathroom Lighting – Windows, top lights, task lighting, and wall sconces are beautiful ways to add lighting to the bathroom.
  10. New Shower Head – A new showerhead can help reduce water consumption and deliver an amazingly refreshing shower.
  11. Remove a Few Walls – Open up the floor plan to improve flow and functionality. Just make sure you’re not removing load-bearing walls.
  12. Remodel the Master Suite – The master suite is generally the last to get any attention because you’re so focused on remodeling the kitchen, bath, or basement. Stop and consider the amazing things you could do with a newly remodeled master suite.
  13. Add Hidden Storage – The key to maintaining a tidy home is organization. Hidden storage under the stairs, behind false walls or shelves, or even under furniture is a wonderful way to store things.
  14. Build a Garage or a Room above the Garage – A garage provides much more than just a way to store seasonal equipment and park your vehicles. Create a workshop, a mudroom, or anything else your heart desires.
  15. Remodel the Basement – The basement is a wonderful way to add functional square footage to your home. Even a finished basement needs attention from time to time to make it really function as part of the home.

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